Get personal news updates via chatbots #CPEU4
Desafio: Get personal news updates via chatbots #CPEU4 Robotica


As a Dutch public broadcaster of news we have the job to bring the news to everyone everywhere. This means the radio, TV and online at the places you visit. We bring the news to the widest public possible. With the rise of chatbots we are able to adjust the news to your personal needs and interests.
How would you develop a chatbot that brings the news the way the audience wants?
Facebook has launched its messenger chatbot API.


28 de Maio de 2016 06:00
28 de Maio de 2016 14:00

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Informações Adicionais About the NOS As the largest news organization of the Netherlands, the NOS offers reliable, independent round-the-clock reporting on news, current affairs, sports and national and international events. The NOS does this within the framework of the Dutch public broadcasting system and through a wide array of platforms: television, radio, online (, mobile apps, teletext, smart tv’s, game consoles, narrow-casting and social networks. All of this makes the NOS the premier source of info


Below is the evaluation criteria that will be used by the jury to select the winner(s) of the challenge.

Critérios de Avaliação • Added value of the bot next to our heavily used news app through a different communication style. • Creates a personal interactive experience • Fit with the news (delivers news via a messenger function) • A sense of humor
Processo In your concept think short paragraphs, offer the possibility to get to know more by adding a few paragraphs incl. a link to the contributing article. Or just skip the content and go to the next news item. Would you develop a bot that tells you whenever something interesting happens or does it give general news updates once a day? Does the bot focus on specific news topics e.g. the presidential elections in the USA or football updates?
Júri • Jose de Vries, Product manager NOS Lab • Charlotte Biskop, social media journalist • Nando Kasteleijn, tech journalist


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