Sensing health and disease #CPEU4
Desafio: Sensing health and disease #CPEU4 Science


Data gathering on its own can be a strong tool to monitor health status on population and individual level. Monitoring for example user data from Apps like Apple Health will yield passive information on physical activity and life style. Determining biologically relevant biomarkers and integration of biomarker measurement with sensot technology in wearbles (watch / glasses etc.) could be the next step and conceptual applications have already been developed.


26 de Maio de 2016 05:00
26 de Maio de 2016 06:00

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Formato Upload de arquivo URL
Resultados Esperados A draft plan of waerable device or home sensing device, or an internet application


Below is the evaluation criteria that will be used by the jury to select the winner(s) of the challenge.

Critérios de Avaliação Innovative potential, Application of existing technology, Commercial Application and revenues, Implementation and impact are the most import criteria for successful completion of this challenge
Processo The challege will be generally introduced by a keynote spreaker that will provide a general overview of the field of wearable sensors and will provide a few examples on how this technology is already and can be implemented. During a technology ‘work shop’ we will introduce existing technology and we will explain the resources that can be used. The contestants are required to prepare a pitch on the end of day 1 and on the end of day 2. Max. contestants is 50.
Júri Cyrille Krul, Raymond Pieters, Scientist from TNO (to be confirmed), Scientist from Leiden? (to be confirmed)


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