The History of Technology. Eibert Draisma. #CPEU4
The History of Technology. Eibert Draisma. #CPEU4
Talk: The History of Technology. Eibert Draisma. #CPEU4 Design/Multimídia, Maker/Hw
#CPEU4 #Creativity & Social Impact
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Eibert Draisma - DIY Industrial Design

Eibert Draisma is a Dutch designer, inventor and artist. He graduated from the Design Academy Eindhoven in 1991 and ever since, he has been developing his own products and self-commissioned art projects. His famous talking coffeemakers and other “one of a kind” domestic appliances and pieces of art (most of them lifelong guaranteed), are loved by both museums and art collectors worldwide. Eibert creates poetic items like Knipperfrotjes, dancing lamps, Battery Eaters and ‘self-composing musical plants’, but then he’ll suddenly come out with a smart product for a multinational, a collection of nightcaps or a fairy tale for a comic magazine. Eibert:
• works for companies like Auping, Heineken, Shell, Invention! and others;
• designed more than 150 DIY products for Praxis, a chain of DIY stores;
• has been a design teacher at the Design Academy Eindhoven since 1992;
• owns several patents;
• is a Faculty Member at Speakers Academy: the leading institute for professional speakers. ( ) His specialties include: Product design, art direction, new materials and manufacturing techniques, electronics, electroluminescent materials, prototyping, workshops, brainstorming techniques, teaching and writing.




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