21 Cent. Talent. Jan Paul Beukema #CPEU4
 21 Cent. Talent. Jan Paul Beukema  #CPEU4
Talk: 21 Cent. Talent. Jan Paul Beukema #CPEU4 Marketing/Redes Sociais
#CPEU4 #Entrepeneurship
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Jan Paul Beukema
Born and raised in a small village, but that did not stop him of dreaming of big things: Jan Paul Beukema, freelance marketeer. Skilled in lots of things: brainstorms, hackathons, Google AdWords, content editing, social media, partnerships and affiliate networking. Despite his young age, he has experience for over five years in marketing and communication. He built a big portfolio already, but there is always room for more. As long as he gets to ride a rollercoaster or host a radioshow, every now and then.




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