Technology-Based Game Development. Mark Overmars #CPEU4
Technology-Based Game Development. Mark Overmars #CPEU4
Talk: Technology-Based Game Development. Mark Overmars #CPEU4 Game
#CPEU4 #Digital Entertainment & Media - Brechtje de Leij
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I love software technology. And I love games. In this talk I will share my experience in creating successful game companies with a strong focus on technology. Creating an innovative technology tool-chain helps in fast prototyping, reducing development time, limiting bugs, and supporting more platforms and publishing opportunities, considerably reducing the risks that many game companies face. And it is fun.

In particular I will describe how we formed the company Tingly Games using this approach. Tingly Games ( produces casual games using HTML5 technology. Our technology tool-chain made it possible to develop two new games each month with a team of less than 10 people. Our games are now available on game portal all over the world, both for mobile and for desktop. Recently Tingly Games merged with BoosterMedia to form CoolGames, the most prominent HTML5 game developer in the world.


Mark Overmars

Mark Overmars is currently Technology Evangelist at the game company CoolGames. Before he worked as a full professor in Computer Science at Utrecht University. Here he was responsible for the research and education programs in game technology. But he is probably most well-known as the creator of GameMaker, a tool to easily produce games that is used all over the world, both by hobbyists and by professional game developers. He was named one of the 50 most influential game developers in the world because of his work on GameMaker. He was co-founder and/or investor in a number of game companies including YoYo Games, Qlvr, and Tingly Games.




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