ArgoMoon: nanotechnology in deep space (Anna Frosi) #CPIT1
ArgoMoon: nanotechnology in deep space (Anna Frosi) #CPIT1
Talk: ArgoMoon: nanotechnology in deep space (Anna Frosi) #CPIT1 Science
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ArgoMoon is the only European nanosatellite, made in Italy, that will fly on board the new American Launcher, Space Launch System (SLS), during its first mission Exploration Mission 1 (EM-1) scheduled for 2019. The nanosatellite will be a witness to the NASA mission, providing photographic confirmation of the dispenser operations. ArgoMoons autonomous operations will be validated and then ready to face future exploration missions toward Mars and beyond. The young ArgoMoon System Engineer will introduce you to the challenge of designing a nanosatellite for deep space. It will be an interesting travel across innovation and technology to satisfy your curiosity in the aerospace field.


**Anna Frosi** is System Engineer at Argotec. 28 years old, she was born in Cremona, Italy. Her father is an engineer and her mother a Math and Physics teacher. The influence of these two, as well as a strong interest in Space, led Anna to pursue a career in Aerospace Engineering. After having obtained a degree in aerospace engineering at Politecnico di Milano, she began working at Argotec, an Italian aerospace company located in Turin where the average age of employees is about 29. She initially worked on payload development for the ISS, working on the ISSpresso project, which designed and developed the first machine for espresso in microgravity. During the same period Anna was the technical lead for the ARTE project, which developed a technology demonstrator for heat pipes with low toxicity working fluids for manned modules. She is currently the Systems engineer for the ArgoMoon project, which aims to create a 6U satellite scheduled to be launched onboard the SLS during the EM-1 mission.***




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