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Challenge: Business Marathon Energy Desenvolvimento


All over the world people are increasingly living in cities and urban areas. Cities are becoming more densely populated and the question arises: how do we maintain a good quality of life, which is sustainable, healthy, clean and comfortable? One important aspect in this context is the production and consumption of energy in buildings and houses, for lights, heating, cooling, machinery and the like.





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Format File upload URL
Expected results Each team is expected to produce a working prototype of their solution, a business model of their idea, learn from some customer discovery and present an awesome pitch.
Technical Information Links to technical resources to be announced: APIs, open data sources, tools.


Below is the evaluation criteria that will be used by the jury to select the winner(s) of the challenge.

Evaluation Criteria The Judges will evaluate the presentation pitch performed by each competing team based on these criteria: ● Potential value for Society ● Viability of Business Model ● Attractiveness and usefulness of the developed Solution ● Learnings and insights gained from potential Users/Customers ● Originality
Process A maximum of 150 Campuseros, working together in a maximum of 20 teams can participate in the BM Energy. Idea owners and potential team leaders pitch their ideas, the participants vote on the most interesting ideas and then ideas are formed in an organic process. Minimum team size: 4 Campuseros. Campuseros are stimulated to create ideas upfront. On Wednesday evening, people are inspired for ideas again. Beside that we’ll have some ready available ideas from the Challenge Partners.
Jury Pre-finals on Saturday morning: Roy Ellenbroek, Municipality of Utrecht, Energy Fund Utrecht Additional judges to be announced Finals on Saturday evening: To be announced


  1. The winning team will be awarded with a prize of - 2.500,00 €

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