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Automotive disruptive changes and mobility trends. Marcos Perez. #CPMX7 #FeelTheFuture
Automotive disruptive changes and mobility trends. Marcos Perez. #CPMX7 #FeelTheFuture
Talk: Automotive disruptive changes and mobility trends. Marcos Perez. #CPMX7 #FeelTheFuture Development, Free Software, Other
#CPMX7 #FeelTheFuture
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En el mundo existen cambios graduales y disruptivos. Estos últimos son los que nos sacuden y nos hacen buscar nuevas alternativas, cambios radicales que nos hacen ver desarrollo donde no lo habíamos visto, y siendo sinceros, si no los vemos, son los que nos hacen desaparecer del mapa. La industria automotriz está enfrentando cambios disruptivos en dos direcciones diferentes, los de impacto en el negocio y los de impacto tecnológico. Ambos conllevan a una nueva visión de movilidad.

Éstos disparan un cambio de actitud o hábitos de los consumidores. Los Millennials son la generación nacida entre los 80’s y los inicios de este siglo. Si hay diferencias entre las diferentes generaciones, los Millennials se destacan por sus cambios de comportamiento en lo que respecta a movilidad y conectividad. De ahí su importancia en el futuro.

In the world exist gradual and disruptive changes. The latter are those who shake us and make us look for new alternatives, radical changes that make us see development where we hadn’t seen before, and to be honest, if we don’t see them, they could make us disappear from the map. The automotive industry is facing disruptive changes in two different directions, those that impact on the business and on technology. Both lead to a new vision of mobility.

These trigger a change on consumers attitudes or habits. Millennials are the generation born between the 80’s and the beginning of this century. If there are differences between different generations, Millennials are noted for their behavior changes with respect to mobility and connectivity. Hence its importance in the future


Marcos Perez Oyamburu

Director Product Development - Mexico

Marcos Pérez Oyamburu is a Mechanical and Electrical Engineer from Anahuac University with a specialty in Electronics from Wayne State University and post degree studies in Finance from the ITESM. He started working at Ford Motor Company in 1985 where he held a number of different positions within Product Engineering

Mr. Pérez was Chief Engineer of the Mexico Product Engineering Office from 1993 to 1995 being responsible of locally engineered products. By 1996 Mr. Pérez moved from Mexico to a position in Ford of Europe with Global Product Development responsibilities in emerging markets such as China, India, Turkey and South Africa among others. Three years later he returned to Mexico to lead one of the largest Product Development Engineering Centers in Latin America, engineering vehicle components and subsystems for many global markets.




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