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Building and racing drones at a professional level. Zachry Thayer #CPMX7 #Makers
Building and racing drones at a professional level. Zachry Thayer #CPMX7 #Makers
Talk: Building and racing drones at a professional level. Zachry Thayer #CPMX7 #Makers Maker/Hw, Robotics
#CPMX7 #Makers
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Come join us for an amazing talk on drone racing, where the mind behind one of the most popular frames used in this type of competition shares with us how he came up with his X frame as well as how he quickly became one of the top pilots in the US and the World. As part of Team Big Whoop, Zachary Thayer, better known as No Longer Noob, was one of the 32 sponsored teams to attend World Drone Prix in Dubai this year, taking 6th place in the biggest drone race so far.
If you wanna learn more about this amazing hobby/sport, this is a talk you can't possibly miss.


Zachry Thayer

Zachry Thayer was born and raised near the always sunny beaches of Southern California. Growing up he
has always had a fascination with both tinkering and adventure. The tinkering has come in many forms, legos, K’nex, rc cars, or working with his father Tim Thayer who runs his own construction company, creating things has always been part of his life. When not playing team sports Hockey mostly the extreme side of things came out, Mountain Biking, Snowboard, Wakeboarding, Surfing, Skateboarding, you name it, he has probably done it, and right there with him was his whole family, enjoying the adventure of life together.

As the years passed and Zach was graduating High School he happened to turn one of his self taught hobbies at the time, software engineering, into his job. Starting first with small contracts, then moving on to working in Hollywood creating software for film production and finally moving into the medical software field. His passion for creation only grew. Then he found the wonderful world of drones, more specifically drone racing, wasting no time he began creating equipment for his newly sparked passion of flying! Going completely overboard, within a few months, his garage contained a newly purchased 3D printer and CNC machine, and countless self made prototypes. Any time he could get to spend in the air, or inventing the next thing to fly was his fuel. Eventually he attended the first ever US Drone Nationals in Sacramento California, which in turn only grew this underground world of drone racing to a level no one expected. After attending this event and realizing that a passion and hobby would become his livelihood, Zach left his job to pursue a title of top drone pilot in the world.
The thrill of adventure and the promise of having to travel around the nation and now the world fuels Zach to push the limits of his flying everyday, and the tedious tinkering every night. Numerous events and countless hours of flight later, leads us to where we are now, the dawn of the drone revolution.




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