Prototyping with LEGO. Arthur Sacek #CPEU4
Prototyping with LEGO. Arthur Sacek  #CPEU4
Talk: Prototyping with LEGO. Arthur Sacek #CPEU4 Design/Multimídia
#CPEU4 #Creativity & Social Impact
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"In this talk, I will present part of my portfolio and the process behind each solution. Each machine has its own history, but all of them has the same beginning: a fail.

The objective is to show how to lose the fear of getting wrong and be prepared to try several times to find the best way to solve the problem.

To demonstrate it, I will call some volunteers to prototype a machine in just 15 minutes. I will give some sketches and they will build out of LEGO elements the model.

Normally they will fail in the first try, but will learn how to improve their model for the second try.


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