Business Romantic. Tim Leberecht. #CPEU4
Business Romantic. Tim Leberecht. #CPEU4
Talk: Business Romantic. Tim Leberecht. #CPEU4 Outros
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Tim Leberecht

Tim Leberecht believes that in a world of algorithms, big data, and quantified selves, we are at risk of engineering inherently human qualities out of our lives. Observing an emerging counter-movement, he argues that we are shifting from a smart age to a new romantic era in which only organizations comfortable with ambiguity and emotion will thrive. When everything is seamlessly connected, convenient, and predictable, we must find meaning through mystery, friction, and the beauty of the unexpected. When everyone maximizes and optimizes, romance becomes the ultimate differentiator. Leberecht contends that we all long for moments that are powerful precisely because they are inexplicable, such as acts of generosity, intimacy, surprises, exuberant passions, and even losing control. Illustrated through examples that include hermits and secret societies, talking to strangers, and “Thick Days,” he presents three Rules of Enchantment that will help you design more purpose-driven, romantic organizations and brands that will be more imaginative, more innovative, and truly loved.




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