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Hyperloop: Revolutionizing transportation at the speed of sound. Dirk Ahlborn #CPEU4
Hyperloop: Revolutionizing transportation at the speed of sound. Dirk Ahlborn #CPEU4
Talk: Hyperloop: Revolutionizing transportation at the speed of sound. Dirk Ahlborn #CPEU4 Other
#CPEU4 #Feel The Future Main Stage
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Transportation is one of the biggest energy consumers and polluters of the world. With the Hyperloop it is possible to travel with the speed of an airplane, but with the conveniency of a train. And that for just a fraction of the energy-usage of conventional transportation systems. To boost this new transportation technology, Elon Musk organized the Hyperloop competition. The Delft Hyperloop team is a team with more than 30 students from the Delft University of Technology, competing in this Hyperloop competition. What solutions have they found for challenges that have never been conquered before? Make sure you're there!


Dirk Ahlborn and Tim Houter

Dirk Ahlborn is the CEO of Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, Inc. (HTT) and the Founder and CEO of JumpStarter Inc. HTT utilizes JumpStarter’s crowdfunding and crowd collaboration platform JumpStartFund and is thus able to leverage technology and a 480+ team of global experts to bring disruptive innovation to the traditional transportation industry. Ahlborn is a serial entrepreneur with 15 years’ CEO experience in Europe and North America. He has been profiled in Forbes, CNBC, the WJS, The Boston Globe, Wired, and Bloomberg, among others. He has spoken at technology and innovation conferences across Europe and the United States including SXSW, The Economist, Wired Mobility 2015 and many more.

​Tim Houter, Team Captain, Delft Hyperloop
From Amsterdam to Paris in 30 minutes? This may sound like fiction, but in the near future this can become reality: with the Hyperloop. The Hyperloop is a concept where vehicles travel in a near vacuum tube close to the speed of sound. To boost this technology, the American entrepreneur Elon Musk released the Hyperloop Competition. Tim Houter is the Team Captain of the Delft Hyperloop team. A team from the Technical University Delft of more than 30 students. Now he stresses himself to the utmost to reach the ultimate goal: Winning this competition.




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