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Payable bionic limbs worldwide. Arie Rommers #CPEU4
Payable bionic limbs worldwide. Arie Rommers  #CPEU4
Talk: Payable bionic limbs worldwide. Arie Rommers #CPEU4 Robotica
#CPEU4 #Innovation
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An amputation can happen to everyone, but thanks to modern science, there are god bionic limbs available. After almost 40 years ive got 2 hands again, and i feel a compleet person again. However, my bionic hand costs about 20.000 euro, so i think, bionic arms and legs should be much cheaper, and because of the 3d technique, i am sure this is possible.

I happens when innocent victims step on a landmine for example, in a country far away, that someone might loose a leg or an arm, and i think, everyone, worldwide has the right to get a bionic arm or leg, so they can move on with their live and walk annd function again.


Arie Rommers

Arie Rommers lost his hand in an explosion when he was just 13. When this occurred, in the mid-1970s, The Bionic Man was one of the most popular television shows in the world. At that time, bionic limbs were a fantasy. Now there are bionic limbs available for many. Even though it’s been decades since Rommers lost his hand, he can still feel it. With the signals that come from his brain, he is able to control the bionic hand. Rommers is privileged to have one of these limbs. He knows they are quite expensive. Other amputees, living in poorer countries, often contact him. Of course, they would love to have a bionic hand too. His question is: how can we make prosthetic or bionic limbs available for everyone worldwide?




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