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Creating the fastest car on Earth to inspire a generation. Nick Cohn. #CPEU4
Creating the fastest car on Earth to inspire a generation. Nick Cohn. #CPEU4
Talk: Creating the fastest car on Earth to inspire a generation. Nick Cohn. #CPEU4 Development
#CPEU4 #Science
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The Bloodhound Project is inspiring a generation to take up science, technology, engineering and maths by building the most advanced land speed record car in history. Bloodhound SSC will be faster than a bullet, louder than a Boeing 747, hotter than a volcano and have as much power as an ocean liner. At top speed it will cover a kilometre in 2.2 seconds and will go 19km in less than 2 minutes. A "just in time" design methodology has resulted in the small Bloodhound team creating something as complicated as jet fighter in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost. Nick Cohn’s presentation will give an overview of the Bloodhound Project, the World Land Speed Record, where it will happen, and of course the car - how it is powered, safety, and getting all the car’s data to the whole world in real time.


"Nick Cohn learns. At his core he is fulfilled by helping people and being appreciated for that help. He's very interested in technology, science and physics in particular. In 2010 he discovered the Bloodhound project and immediately become a gold member of the supporters club. After visiting the project many times in the UK, in 2012 he became the first Bloodhound Education Ambassador outside the UK and since 2014 he’s led the Dutch chapter of the Bloodhound SSC supporters club – the 1K Club.

Nick’s varied background includes being a pilot, working in open cut mines and managing a backpacker's hostel in Australia. The last 18 years in the Netherlands he's been a stay at home dad and worked as an IT systems administrator and project leader. From 2009 Nick has been working in IT security and more recently keeping the digital world safe by trying to break websites (ethical hacking)."




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