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TALK: Gary Whitehill. #CPEU4
TALK: Gary Whitehill. #CPEU4
Talk: TALK: Gary Whitehill. #CPEU4 Outros
#CPEU4 #Entrepreneurship #Startups
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In an extremely condensed timeline, Gary has been fortunate to accumulate experience in a variety of roles that empower entrepreneurs and the disruptive innovations they seek to bring to market. This is the foundation he leverages when: • Mentoring entrepreneurs on strategies for achieving better business results. • Developing action plans for large corporations, on how to engage entrepreneurs and their communities, with a goal of spurring local commerce. • Advising government leaders, at the local, state, and national level, on granular execution of economic policy. Over the course of scaling his previous company, Entrepreneur Week, Gary witnessed a clear need for demystifying the myths and perceptions of how entrepreneurship, economic development, and innovation work together to create long-term sustainable job growth – globally. In just two years, Entrepreneur Week became a global ecosystem and scaled to four continents. His team curated more than 500 speakers who shared their stories, resources, and connections with more than 6,000 entrepreneurs, a group responsible for more than $7 billion in annual revenue. Currently, Gary is laser-focused on a new software product called BURST. At its core, the product provides a principled approach for empowering the masses to bend the world to their vision while concurrently de-risking the investment process for angel investors and venture capitalists by an order of magnitude. Doing so produces more effective outcomes for entrepreneurs, investors, and policymakers as well as unlocks a multi-trillion-dollar ecosystem of value.




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