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The quest for parallelism vs Heisenbugs. Martijn Rutten #CPEU4
The quest for parallelism vs Heisenbugs. Martijn Rutten #CPEU4
Talk: The quest for parallelism vs Heisenbugs. Martijn Rutten #CPEU4 Other
#CPEU4 #Innovation
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Multicore is booming. Smartphones aggressively market their quadcore and octacores; the race towards the self-driving car forces automotive companies to go dual and quadcore; network routers go all out on their manycores. But what about the software?

Did you ever face a veritable Heisenbug? One that if you look at it in a debugger, the bug seems to disappear? If you wrote multicore code, you’ll recognize the nasty data race or deadlock. And what about creating threads to get parallel performance? Disappointed by the result? To get multicore performance right, you know you need a true ninja to deal with issues like false sharing and blocking data dependencies.

In this talk, Martijn will show the true pain of going multicore. The demons that mobile and automotive vendors face, yet never speak about in public. Given the intense pain of working with millions of lines of C++, these vendors hail programming tools as the silver bullet. Only to discard them faster than lightning as snake oil.

The road to getting programming tools to these fast moving, yet conservative companies is larded with roadblocks and unexpected turns. Building on many years of trench digging himself, Martijn will quickly convince you that a great technology plays just a tiny part.


Martijn Rutten

Martijn Rutten is a co-founder and CEO of Vector Fabrics, relentlessly trying to improve the state of programming with multicore programming tools. As a true innovator, Vector Fabrics has pioneered a wide array of parallel programming solutions before their time: from CPU/FPGA programming in the cloud to today’s Pareon toolsuite for multicore programming. Rutten has a PhD in computer science, developed multicore SoCs at Philips Research and NXP and filed a number of patents. While secretly hacking on compiler intricacies in his evenings, Rutten is now mostly found outside the office, often at the customers’. Hunting Heisenbugs.




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