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Evolution of Hybrid Entities. Ivan Henriques. #CPEU4
Evolution of Hybrid Entities. Ivan Henriques. #CPEU4
Talk: Evolution of Hybrid Entities. Ivan Henriques. #CPEU4 Maker/Hw
#CPEU4 #Creativity & Social Impact
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Much like humans, animals and machines, plants have an electrical signal traveling inside them, but they do not have nerves like humans and animals; neither wires and cables like machines. Machines’ electrical system operates with high voltage and stable current – biological systems from plants, humans and animals have an opposite equation: low voltage and unstable current.

Would it be possible to straighten electric-mechanical systems from machines to operate with such low energy source, like most biological systems do? Would be possible for a plant power a machine? With this concepts and questions that came while developing my works I started to envision a world where we are all hypersensitive to our surroundings. I try to find a balance with all living specimens having technology and science as tools to create them.

In my artistic context when I bring machines in dialogue with living organisms, I want them to compose a single being – as one kinetic sculpture - which can illustrate a path between the evolutionary vector of machines and nature, into a new direction.


Ivan Henriques

Ivan Henriques is a transdisciplinary artist and researcher working in multimedia installations examining living systems. He explores in his works hybrids of nature and (technological) culture creating new forms of communication between humans and other living organisms. He considers nature as inspiration and a necessary factor in the development of the technological world. Ivan developed the interdisciplinary research group Hybrid Forms and is the director of the mobile residency program EME>>. His works are exhibited internationally, participating in festivals, residencies and talks.

Lately he won the Stimuleringsfonds Talent Award, Proven Talent Award from Mondriaan Fonds (2016), New Face Award from the 18th Japan Media Arts Festival (2015) and the Honorary Mention for the [next] Idea, Ars Electronica 2014.




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