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What they still don't teach you at MIT. Paul Rulkens #CPEU4
What they still don't teach you at MIT. Paul Rulkens #CPEU4
Talk: What they still don't teach you at MIT. Paul Rulkens #CPEU4 Empreendedorismo
#CPEU4 #Entrepeneurship #MIT
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Why do some start-ups become more successful then ever, while others get stuck in the Valley of Death? There is a method to the madness. What we have found is that a few high performance habits, consistently applied, will have a major impact on your results. After our workshop, you will have a set of fascinating, counter intuitive, yet highly effective ideas to dream big and get an almost unfair advantage with your next venture. Entrepreneurial success is predictable, because humans are more predictable then you might think. We will show you how through a journey from the brain to business success.


Paul Rulkens, a chemistry major, who after his studies eventually ended up at DSM. He soon climbed the steps of DSM to the top where he was responsible for making divisions perform successfully. After a while he sat down and discovered what made him successful where others failed, why his teams and division performed highly and exemplary where others struggled. This method and this way of thinking formed the basis of Aggripa Consultancy International with clients where he consulted such as RoyalHaskoningDHV, DSM, Exxon Mobile, K-Swiss, Boskalis, Dutch Railways and Achmea on building successful strategies and High Performance Behavior.




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