The status of open data and open government. Arjan el Fassed #CPEU4
The status of open data and open government. Arjan el Fassed #CPEU4
Talk: The status of open data and open government. Arjan el Fassed #CPEU4 Marketing/Redes Sociais
#CPEU4 #Creativity & Social Impact
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For some open data might be a new field. But others have worked with open data for a almost a decade. What are the societal and economic benefits? How are governments responding to questions about public digital transparency? What is the current status of open data in the Netherlands, Europe and around the world. What are the big obstacles and challenges ahead of us, how can we close the data divide and how can we make governments embrace a culture of open by default for the long-term.


Arjan el Fassed

Director at Open State Foundation

Arjan El Fassed is executive director of Open State Foundation, a non-profit organization that promotes democratic transparency, accountability and participation with the development of online platforms and promotes unlocking and re-use of open (government) data. He is an advisor to Online Censorship that seeks to encourage companies to operate with greater transparency and accountability toward their users as they make decisions that regulate speech. He is a former member of parliament in the Netherlands, dealing with digital agenda, foreign affairs, development aid and European affairs. He lead advocacy both at international development agencies such as Oxfam International as well as human rights organizations in the Middle East. He's the author of 'Niet iedereen kan stenen gooien' (2008) and was engaged with successful online initiatives and was placed on Twitter's suggested user list which earned him more than 200k followers.




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