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The Future of VR. Dr. Thomas A. Furness III. #CPEU4
The Future of VR. Dr. Thomas A. Furness III. #CPEU4
Talk: The Future of VR. Dr. Thomas A. Furness III. #CPEU4 Outros
#CPEU4 #Digital Entertainment & Media
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During this remote talk, Dr. Furness, will talk about the future of VR based on his experience. Where are we today and what is out there that influence the next rounds of development in VR for the near future.


Dr. Thomas A. Furness III

Tom Furness is a pioneer in human interface technology and seen as the grandfather of virtual reality. He earned a BS degree in Electrical Engineering from Duke University and the Ph.D. in Engineering and Applied Science from the University of Southampton, England.

Tom is currently a professor of Industrial and Systems Engineering with adjunct professorships in Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Human Centered Design and Engineering at the University of Washington (UW), Seattle, Washington, USA. He is the founder of the Human Interface Technology Laboratory (HIT Lab) at UW

Recently Dr. Furness received the first-ever lifetime award for his contributions to the development of VR and AR. He is building interfaces between humans and machines for almost 50 years now. He is also very excited about life and the future and wants to help to turn the heart of young people into making the world a better place, for which he founded the Virtual World Society in 2015.

He is the inventor of the personal eyewear display, the virtual retinal display, the HALO display and holds 19 patents in advanced sensor, display and interface technologies. With his colleagues Dr. Furness has started 27 companies, two of which are traded on NASDAQ at a market capitalization of > $ 8 B (USD).




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