Feed the Future. Berry Marttin #CPEU4
Feed the Future. Berry Marttin #CPEU4
Talk: Feed the Future. Berry Marttin #CPEU4 Science
#CPEU4 #Science #Farmers
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One of our ongoing goals is to support and prepare farmers for both the current and future changes in the market, production and environment. To remain relevant, farmers of the future will need to increase economic viability, work within ecological boundaries, and build a better image as rural entrepreneurs.


Berry Marttin - Member Executive Board Rabobank

As a member of the Executive Board, Berry Marttin is responsible for the Rural & Retail International division, as well as for the Sustainability domain.

He joined Rabobank as a management trainee after earning his degree in Business Administration in his native Brazil. Over the course of his career at Rabobank, he has gained extensive experience as a banker in both the Wholesale and Retail Banking business. He served as Chairman of the Board of Directors of Rabobank Amsterdam from 2004 to 2009.




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