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You are being watched (not [only] by the NSA). Daniel Gaspar #CPEU4
You are being watched (not [only] by the NSA). Daniel Gaspar #CPEU4
Talk: You are being watched (not [only] by the NSA). Daniel Gaspar #CPEU4 Security / Networking
#CPEU4 #Innovation
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No, this is not a talk about conspiracy theories. Sorry. Nowadays much is said about the privacy and security of our on-line actions, but how much are we indeed safe? Describing securities flaws that we all commit everyday, we shall discuss about what can be done to avoid them. From the lack of encryption in some sites, to the use of weak passwords. From non-secure Wi-Fi connections available in almost every coffee shop, to the artistic shape that protects our phone. From what we deliberately post in social networks, to what we have even forgotten it is on-line. This talk will cover some basic aspects of cryptography and encryption and show some cases of attacks and security flaws. It is, therefore, recommended for anyone that uses the web, no matter you do not know what a public key is, or you work for some security agency.


Daniel Gaspar is a Master in Computational Modeling. Currently Ph.D student in the same field in a collaboration between the National Laboratory of Scientific Computation in Brazil and the National Institute of Research in Computer Science and Control in France. In Brazil he used to be a professor in the Catholic University of Petrópolis. A long-time campusero, goes to a Campus Party every year since 2011, where, in the last year, won the digital forensics challenge.




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