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Data in education #CPEU4
Data in education #CPEU4
Workshop: Data in education #CPEU4 Development
#CPEU4 #Workshop Science
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We all create a lot of data by using all the digital devices that we have. Even more so in the context of schools.
Students do exercises, give presentations, learn and practice, eventually to be able to score high in a test in which they need to do all the things they did before again. Why are tests still necessary?

Don’t we all learn things even when we are not in school? Or maybe even more so? Why is it that students are only graded by things they do inside the school?

Teachers still need to put in the scores and grades of their pupils manually in each system they use. Why do they need to do this in the first place?

There is much potential in the data that we create within the context of education. In this workshop we address how we can link the data that we gather so to discover new opportunities in the field of education.

Specifically we’ll explain to you the public data sets that are out there that can support your linked-data prototypes. And then it’s up to find out how student don’t need to make tests anymore to proof they gained the right knowledge and skills. (And other opportunities of linked data)

(This workshop is related to the Kennisnet-case of the Education Hackathon)


Wim Muskee, Lalibel Mohaupt and Rick de Visser


Bring your laptop + best developer




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