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WORKSHOP - Biotic Games. Roland van Dierendonck. Christian Schulz. #CPEU4
WORKSHOP - Biotic Games. Roland van Dierendonck. Christian Schulz. #CPEU4
Workshop: WORKSHOP - Biotic Games. Roland van Dierendonck. Christian Schulz. #CPEU4 Game
#CPEU4 #Workshop Science
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When science meets games, it makes everyone´s eyes sparkle! Computer games are great fun and we all have our favourite games we played when we were kids, or even continue to play as grown ups. But computer games have been more than just fun. Games have increased interest in computing, and playful tinkering projects have been a valuable source of innovation, and have changed the way we interact with technology.

Now enter the 21st century, enter the century of biotechnology. It is time to embrace the innovative power of gaming in the context of biological systems. Join our workshop and take our hero paramecium on an adventure, dance with Daphnia or fool around with Euglena. Create new hardware, games or level designs in our workshop. Let's have fun, all for the benefit of science and the progress of our understanding of microbial interaction in health and diseases.

Participants will use technology to interact with living organisms in a playful manner. They will turn the joystick and press the buttons to change the swimming direction of the protist protagonists, and track the position of the organisms digitally to interact with them as players in a computer game. During the workshop, they will build a biological gaming device using laser cut and 3D printed materials. Connecting computing and engineering with biology, we hope
a large public can be involved in biotechnology and make a positive
contribution to formal and informal education.

This workshop is intended for (bio)scientists, designers, (game) developers, engineers, artists and media technologists. Please bring your computer and phone. Background knowledge in biological gaming is not required, but highly appreciated.


Roland van Dierendonck. Christian Schulz


 - 13:00 main stage - Ingmar Riedel-Kruse presents
- 14:00-15:00 Intro of the workshop on the Science stage by Ingmar and Pieter.
- 16:00-19:00 Workshop room is at your disposal
- 19:00-21:00 Reservation of maker space
- 19:00-22:00 Open work space.
- 22:00-23:00 presentation of results at Science stage




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