Talentum - Skills Exchange
Talentum - Skills Exchange
Talk: Talentum - Skills Exchange Desenvolvimento, Empreendedorismo
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With Campus Party Europe, Telefónica is bringing the world’s biggest technology event to Europe, unleashing the potential of 10,000 young innovators under one roof in Berlin this August where they can use digital technology to challenge convention, show off and test their ideas.
A lack of skills owing to a 'brain drain' inspired Telefónica's Talentum initiative. Talentum is based on a simple idea – betting on young people and technology as the future of Europe. Talentum does this by creating job and digital learning opportunities for thousands of young people and university graduates. By 2015 we will have an additional 6,000 young people in our business through graduate programmes, internships and apprenticeships via Talentum.




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