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[IIT] Dynamic Legged Robots (Claudio Semini) #CPIT1
[IIT] Dynamic Legged Robots (Claudio Semini) #CPIT1
Talk: [IIT] Dynamic Legged Robots (Claudio Semini) #CPIT1 Robotica, Science, Technology
#legged #robotics #quadruped
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Legged robotic systems will be able to traverse extreme environments (uneven, unstructured, unstable and multi-type terrains) and to explore complex confined spaces (industrial or even underground structures) with multiple goals: From providing remote sensing and mapping to carrying out complex rescue operations. We are interested in the development of such legged robotic systems, chiefly quadrupeds, and we are investigating ways that can increase flexibility and performance of legged designs. Apart from developing agile quadruped robots we emphasize the need for accurate and robust control, ranging from the level of individual joints up to the overall  behavior of the legged robot. Apart from accurate hydraulic  force/torque control at the joint level we are investigating ways of creating and using a variety of different locomotion gaits, that are robust to external disturbances and changing environmental conditions. A significant part of our groups' effort is devoted to perception tailored to dynamic quadrupedal robots. This becomes important as robots take their first steps outside controlled lab environments and into real-life applications. Our flagship platform is the Hydraulic Quadruped robot HyQ. Since its construction in 2010, HyQ demonstrated a wide repertoire of motions ranging from stair climbing, chimney climbing, omnidirectional  trotting over rough terrain, trotting with step reflexes, to flying  trotting and jumping. This talk will present the design and locomotion skills of HyQ and its successor HyQ2Max, as well as the newest design with metal additive manufacturing.


**Claudio Semini**, is currently Tenure Track Researcher at Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia, head of the Dynamic Legged Systems Lab that developed a number of high-performance hydraulic robots, including HyQ, HyQ2Max, MiniHyQ and HyQ centaur.***




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