Science as structured play (Sebastian Cocioba, Cristina Cipriano) #CPIT1
Science as structured play (Sebastian Cocioba, Cristina Cipriano) #CPIT1
Talk: Science as structured play (Sebastian Cocioba, Cristina Cipriano) #CPIT1 Science
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There are many current issues facing the public's perception of science, including who can do it. But what does science mean to us as a species and as a social practice? Hands-on scientific experiences are now possible in accessible, creative and impactful ways. With children's eyes and the minds of well-trained scientists, we'll show how to poke, prod and carefully structure our play, through innovative yet simple tools. By presenting projects that supplement the information learned in a formal setting into a social and collaborative exploration, students can reinforce the theory they are taught, all while contributing to publishable scientific research.


**Sebastian Cocioba**: Independent Research Contractor at MIT Media Lab working on novel flower design through bleeding-edge genetic engineering. Director at the education-oriented biotech non-profit, Binomica Labs, developing discovery-driven curricula for students in the molecular biology setting, both formal and amateur. Cristina Cipriano: Budding polymath, enthusiastically and avidly exploring the intersections where fields of knowledge merge. Biologist, working on projects involving basic research, informal science and public outreach, all aimed toward providing a clearer outlook on the scientific process in general.***




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