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The Cosmological Singularity (Frank Tipler) #CPIT1
The Cosmological Singularity (Frank Tipler) #CPIT1
Talk: The Cosmological Singularity (Frank Tipler) #CPIT1 Science
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I shall outline exactly why the laws of physics — in particular, quantum mechanics, general relativity, and the Standard Model of particle physics — require the existence of a Cosmological “Singularity.” Mathematicians use the word “singularity” to refer to something that is intrinsically infinite, and which is thus not subject to the laws that imply their existence. I shall show that the laws of physics require the universe to begin in an initial singularity (sometimes called the Big Bang singularity) and also require the universe to end in a future singularity (sometimes called the Big Crunch singularity). I shall then show that quantum gravity requires that these two singularities must be united by a third singularity, so that there is only one Cosmological Singularity. I shall outline why work on computers, particularly work in artificial intelligence and work in computer games, is essential to the creation of the final singularity. The laws of physics require a “singularity” in the computer sense: in the near future, human level AI’s must come into existence. Finally, I shall show why the laws of physics will require AI’s in the far future to eliminate event horizons at all levels; a universe which has astrophysical black holes but no event horizons has a final singularity that is a single point in the Penrose singularity topology, so I call such a singularity an Omega Point.


**Frank J. Tipler** is a mathematical physicist and cosmologist, holding a joint appointment in the Departments of Mathematics and Physics at Tulane University. Tipler has written books and papers on the Omega Point based on Pierre Teilhard de Chardin's religious ideas, which he claims is a mechanism for the resurrection of the dead. He is also known for his theories on the Tipler cylinder time machine.***




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