Making music on Commodore 64 (Anders Carlsson) #CPIT1
Making music on Commodore 64 (Anders Carlsson) #CPIT1
Workshop: Making music on Commodore 64 (Anders Carlsson) #CPIT1 Creativity
#chiptune #8bit
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This workshop inspires you to think of sounds and music in a different way. You will learn the basics of the defMON tracker program, suitable for both composition and live performance. No previous knowledge in music or programming is necessary. Before the workshop, please install the VICE C-64 emulator on your laptop and download the defMON-software.


**Goto80** is an "old media artist" who works with music, art and research. After his schooling in the computer demoscene in the 1990's, he was one of the first to bring 8-bit music to the stage around 2000. Since then he has continued to prove that 8-bit technology is not as limited as we think.***




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