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Game Music Connect presents: Behind The Scenes Of Videogame Music (Jesper Kyd, John Broomhall, James Hannigan) #CPIT2
Game Music Connect presents: Behind The Scenes Of Videogame Music (Jesper Kyd, John Broomhall, James Hannigan) #CPIT2
Talk: Game Music Connect presents: Behind The Scenes Of Videogame Music (Jesper Kyd, John Broomhall, James Hannigan) #CPIT2
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“What does it take to be a composer of videogames scores?  What’s it like to write music for games day after day? What’s the role and purpose of music in games - and from electronica to orchestral, what does creating cutting edge game music involve both creatively, technically and logistically?  Why is writing game music different from film and what makes for great game music? Using examples and behind the scenes video footage from their prolific careers, three leading experts take a fun journey through the art and process of games music – past, present and future.


Jesper Kyd - Award-winning video game composer

BAFTA award-winning and Billboard / MTV VMA nominated Danish composer Jesper Kyd is
internationally renowned for creating unique scores with a diverse array of live
instrumentation and manipulated sounds. His original soundtracks feature an immersive
blend of styles ranging from the epic symphonic and dark, hybrid scores for the HITMAN
series (British Academy Award for Original Music) and anthemic choral score for cult favorite
FREEDOM FIGHTERS (“Vangelis on steroids” – Film Score Monthly), to his four iconic scores
for the blockbuster franchise ASSASSIN’S CREED (“Jesper Kyd defines the series for fans
around the world” – Official PlayStation Magazine) and the post-apocalyptic, fantasy, sci-fi
Most recently Kyd was honored with the 2018 Nile Rodgers Global Creators Award at
Canadian Music Week for his innovative and unique body of work in video games scoring.
His latest projects include composing and producing the Norse mythology inspired tribal
acoustic score for WARHAMMER: VERMINTIDE 2, based on the popular Games Workshop
fantasy universe, and atmospheric guitar and analog synth score for Microsoft/Undead Labs’
highly anticipated zombie survival sequel STATE OF DECAY 2.
Kyd’s non-traditional methodology is also attracting big screen collaborations with
international filmmakers including Chinese director Lu Chuan’s #1 box office 3D fantasy
action adventure ‘Chronicles of the Ghostly Tribe,’ based on the best-selling Chinese novel
‘Ghost Blows Out The Light’. Kyd’s latest feature ‘Tumbbad’, releasing worldwide and across
theaters in India this fall, is a dark thriller set in British colonial India produced by
Recyclewala Films (‘Ship of Theseus’, National Awards Winner for Best Feature Film).
Kyd’s journey as an artist is ever-evolving and reflects a penchant for experimentation: “I
love exploring new music styles and mixing different genres together,” says Kyd. “Finding a
unique approach adds depth, which can truly define the score and the game or film.”

John Broomhall - Composer, music artist, Game Music Connect co-founder

John Broomhall is the co-founder and host of Game Music Connect, half of EDM music artist STRING THEORY (Modularity) and the composer for such iconic games as Transport Tycoon and X-COM/UFO: Enemy Unknown.  A multi-faceted independent creative with many years’ experience in music and videogames, he previously held a number of senior in-house and outsourced management roles (including European Head Of Audio and Game Development Manager), and has dozens of published titles to his credit as composer/producer, audio director/consultant, sound designer and voice director. He’s written dozens of articles about game music and sound, and chaired numerous awards juries for Bafta. He curates and hosts the Develop Conference Audio Day in Brighton and has been a keynote speaker for AES. He received a Recognition Award from the Game Audio Network Guild of America and has spoken at London’s School Of Sound, Bilbao’s BIME PRO, The Sound of Story @Rewire and the Lithuanian Academy Of Music & Theatre. Current music writing projects include Lost Ember and Phoenix Point,  the latter renewing his collaboration with original Xcom auteur Julian Gollop. Beyond games, he spends as much time as possible playing jazz keyboards.

James Hannigan - Video game composer (Harry Potter, The Lord of the Rings, Warhammer)

James Hannigan - BAFTA and IFMCA award-winner James Hannigan is a versatile composer focused on the emotional directness and personal nature of his music. His credits include entries in the Harry Potter, The Lord of the Rings, Transformers, Warhammer and EA Sports franchises'; titles such as Dead Space 3, RuneScape, Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3, Terraria Otherworld, Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs, Art Academy, Command & Conquer 4 and Space Hulk; television and radio such as BBC America’s Primeval, Neverwhere, Amazon/Audible’s Alien trilogy and Unseen Academicals (Discworld) - and many others. 

A five-time BAFTA Award nominee for Original Music, James innovated interactive music composition early in his career for Theme Park World, Republic: The Revolution and Evil Genius, and provided some of the industry’s earliest ‘cinematic’ game scores for titles such as Conquest: Frontier Wars, Privateer: The Darkening and Digital Anvil’s Freelancer. A regular interviewee and contributor for the BBC, Classic FM and others, James is co-founder of Game Music Connect and founder of forthcoming conference, Screen Music Connect.




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