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State of Space Nation (Lena De Winne) #CPIT2
State of Space Nation (Lena De Winne) #CPIT2
Talk: State of Space Nation (Lena De Winne) #CPIT2 Astronomy / Aerospace
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On October 12th 2016 Dr. Igor Ashurbeyli announced ASGARDIA - the first in human history Space Nation, the first country with its territory in space, the first society where all humans are united through space, no matter where on Earth they are from. It is an innate human right - to benefit from space research and exploration, and to have access to space facilities, to enjoy the results of space innovation in daily life. ASGARDIA is the first country that will exercise this right universally, and will offer equal opportunities to all people around the globe. ASGARDIA is the vision and the real future. It is a country of today's start-ups that will become the core of the progress and evolution of tomorrow.  

Right now we all have an extraordinary opportunity not only to witness the beginning of a new era of human unification thought space, but to be part of making it happen. 

ASGARDIA is your lift into the future.


Lena De Winne - CEO @ Asgardia

Lena De Winne is the CEO and First Vice-President of NGO Asgardia, which is a prototype of the future space state.  She holds an MSc in engineering, an MBA, and a PhD in psychology. After fifteen years of a successful career at the European Space Agency (ESTEC, The Netherlands), where she worked in business development, liaison, promotion and education, she published several popular books about space in English and Russian for children and adults, and hosted a television program in Belgium.  In 2013 she joined AIRC ( as a director, where she took on further duties as a director of ROOM, The Space Journal.  Lena De Winne played a pivotal role in setting up and running Asgardia, the first in human history space nation founded by Dr. Igor Ashurbeyli and remains at the core of its operation.




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