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Are Global Corporations solving the Technology Challenges of today? - An iGen's view (Atreyam Sharma) #CPIT2
Are Global Corporations solving the Technology Challenges of today? - An iGen's view (Atreyam Sharma) #CPIT2
Talk: Are Global Corporations solving the Technology Challenges of today? - An iGen's view (Atreyam Sharma) #CPIT2 Technology
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The session will discussion iGen’s view on the innovation attempts by global corporations and contrast it with the unresolved simple technological challenges of today’s time. Examples shall be presented from real-world case studies covering how Global Corporates fail to implement technological progress. The session shall also present views on special topics of today’s time, including Net Neutrality. The session will conclude by creating an online community of volunteers to help solve these problems. During the Q&A session, the speaker shall review, together with the audience, to what extent is it appropriate to spend billions on setting up a colony on a planet or to determine presence of water there, while millions suffer as we do not have a viable technology yet to properly dispose and deal with waste, desalinate seawater, produce methane as an alternative fuel for automobiles or capture CO2 at a commercial scale.


Atreyam Sharma - Technology geek & motivated teenager

Atreyam (Leo) is a motivated teenager with a mission. He believes the world is woefully behind in implementing the technological advances already made, while spending billions on far more daring goals. He sees this may bring instability in scientific progress and may cause loss of billions of euros at stake. He wants to use his perspective as an iGen, passionate in STEM, to bring a change in their thinking. This will create a world more suited to the aspirations and expectations of iGen. Atreyam has been addressing leading technology events globally since 2014, including TEDx talks in India and Luxembourg. In TEDxLuxembourgCity, Atreyam spoke about the aspirations and frustrations of iGens. In TEDxAssiRd in 2016 in India, Atreyam spoke about transforming Education system to prepare today's iGens to take the up the challenges of tomorrow. Atreyam started his career as a teen entrepreneur, coder, teacher, and hardcore gamer. He started coding at the age of 11 and the following year, Co-Founded Workshop4Me a.s.b.l in 2013, a non-profit organization based in Luxembourg, with the objective of developing coding skills among children. Atreyam’s full profile is available here.




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