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The Sensation Of Sound (Nick Ryan, John Broomhall)
The Sensation Of Sound (Nick Ryan, John Broomhall)
Talk: The Sensation Of Sound (Nick Ryan, John Broomhall)
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Nick Ryan is the kind of person who thinks about such things as the myriad pieces of ‘space junk’ continually passing over our heads - and wonders how their troubling yet beautiful secret world might be represented by sound.  That’s why he designed a system and extraordinary electromechanical sound instrument ‘Machine 9’ to track the position of 27,000 pieces of space junk, transforming them into sound in real-time as they pass overhead.

Project ‘Adrift’ is just one in a canon of fascinating works which combine the multi award-winning composer, sound designer, artist and audio specialist’s passion for music, technology and the visual arts. Exploring the sensation of sound rather than its meaning, Ryan likes probing what it means to feel - as opposed to think - in sound, examining the point where sound, cognition and sensation interact. His extensive and diverse practice involves working with film, motion graphics, animation, TV drama and documentary, interactive media, technology innovation, instrument-making and orchestral ensemble. 

In conversation with Game Music Connect co-founder, composer and commentator John Broomhall, he will discuss what inspires and motivates him, his modus operandi, and of course the design and production of ‘Adrift’ and other recent sonic pioneering adventures.



John Broomhall - Composer, music artist, Game Music Connect co-founder

John Broomhall is the co-founder and host of Game Music Connect, half of EDM music artist STRING THEORY (Modularity) and the composer for such iconic games as Transport Tycoon and X-COM/UFO: Enemy Unknown.  A multi-faceted independent creative with many years’ experience in music and videogames, he previously held a number of senior in-house and outsourced management roles (including European Head Of Audio and Game Development Manager), and has dozens of published titles to his credit as composer/producer, audio director/consultant, sound designer and voice director. He’s written dozens of articles about game music and sound, and chaired numerous awards juries for Bafta. He curates and hosts the Develop Conference Audio Day in Brighton and has been a keynote speaker for AES. He received a Recognition Award from the Game Audio Network Guild of America and has spoken at London’s School Of Sound, Bilbao’s BIME PRO, The Sound of Story @Rewire and the Lithuanian Academy Of Music & Theatre. Current music writing projects include Lost Ember and Phoenix Point,  the latter renewing his collaboration with original Xcom auteur Julian Gollop. Beyond games, he spends as much time as possible playing jazz keyboards.

Nick Ryan - Artist, composer e audio specialist

Nick Ryan is a composer, audio specialist and artist, widely recognised for his uniquely conceptual approach to sound and listening. His extremely diverse practice straddles orchestral composition, sound art, theatre, instrument making, interactive media, immersive audio, film and radio. His work demands an ‘anti-discplinary’ and collaborative approach, making use of emerging technologies to generate sound in new ways, disrupt linear listening habits and explore the convergence of audition with the other sensory modalities.

Nick regularly introduces people to new ways of thinking about sound and the act of listening, showing work, performing and as a prolific speaker at venues throughout the world such as The MIT Media Lab, The Roundhouse, The BBC, Tate, The BANFF Centre for the Arts and The Royal Institution. He is the recipient of a BAFTA for Technical Innovation, The PRS Foundation New Music Award and Doctorate of Music (Hon) at Plymouth University.

He is currently an Artist in Residence at Somerset House Studios in London.




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