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Workshop: Cyborg Instruments Segurança/Redes
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Ever wanted to attach sensors to yourself and make music? to BE a sonic cyborg? Onyx Ashanti, full time sonic cyborg, inventor and creator of Beatjazz, will, over the course of two hours, take you through many of the most importatn processes he has discovered over the last few years of investigation into this new field, using free and open hardware and software.
In the first hour you will look more deeply into what it is you want to say thru digital interfacing, and we will look into the many ways to use sensors and open source software, Pure Data, to realize your vision. Then in the second hour we will look at ways of using CAD and 3d printing to design and create custom prosthetics that fit the exact criteria that is neccessary for your mode of expression. You will leave with custom sensor abstractions for pure data, and templates for designing prosthetics that will allow you to express yourself in ways not before imagined.




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