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Frequently Asked Questions | Freelances

1. What does being a freelance at

Freelance is a platform that allows to develop projects, thanks to a great community of freelances registered at With this platform, you will be able to:

Register your professional skills turning them into freelance services
Receive offers of projects that suit your profile
Earn money with your talent without leaving home
Use a safe, easy and fast tool, made from campuseros to campuseros
Extend your professional experience and development

2. How can I earn money with has a service that allows the members of the community, users of the platform, to earn money if they agree to develop freelance works.

3. Which is the cost of using the platform?

The use of the platform is free (to register and receive projects offers). When you make a project, the platform charges 4% or 8% of the project budget as an administration tax. The percentage depends on your platform profile.

Premium User: 4% tax over the total of the project
Basic User: 8% tax over the total of the project

That percentage will be discounted from the project payment that the platform makes to you at the end of every made and approved delivery.

4. How can I start?

To be able to participate and start receiving projects, the first thing you must need to do is configure your Freelance Campusero profile at Profile > Business > Freelance. In this field, you must have to indicate in which categories and services you would like to receive projects.

5. I am already registered as a Freelance Campusero. What now?

Every time the platform receives a new project, the system of analyzes the needs of that project and searches, among the users, the ones that fit better with that profile. Because of that, is really important that your profile is complete.
Once the system has chosen the campuseros that fit better the project specifications, you will receive a notification, an invitation to participate, which you could be able to analyze and, after that, send your proposal.

6. If I see an open project in which I’m interested, but I haven’t been invited to participate, what can I do?

In this case, if you see a project you are interested in, you have the option to “apply to participate” in that project. The person responsible for the project is the one to decide if your candidature is suitable or not and have freedom to accept or reject your application.

7. How can I create a proposal for a project?

When you receive an invitation to participate in a freelance project, you will have a link that addresses you to the project website, where you will have access to all the information related to the project:
Deadlines and milestones
In this website, you will find a “Send proposal” button, where you can read the conditions the project creator has defined. In this section is where you can negotiate your deadlines, budget and delivery conditions, at the “Counter-proposal” option.

8. What is the purpose of the milestones?

The milestones are the objectives of the project turn into actions with deadlines, which, in this case, they mean to:
Allow that the person in charge can know and manage the evolution of the project;
Define partial deliveries that can be linked to to the correspondent payments

For instance, if the project is creating of a website, some of its milestones defined by the person responsible could be:
Approve the structure of the website
Approve the design
Configuration of SEO and Analitycs
Final delivery of the website
The delivery of each milestone by the Freelance Campusero implies that the project is making progresses and the platform will pay the agreed part to the freelance.

9. When is the payment of the project made?

The date of payment is one of the points that needs to be agreed by both parts before starting each project. Each milestone is linked to a percentage of the payment that will be received when the correspondent stage is finished and approved by the owner of the project.
The process of payment is simple. When the responsible of the project accepts one of the delivieries made, the platform releases the amount correpondent and sends it to your Paypal account. The process can last 1 or 2 days.

10. How can I manage the development of the project?

Once you are chosen to develop the project, the platform will allow you to have a direct communication with the person in charge of the project. That communication will be made through the website “project in development”. Besides that, each delivery (partial or total) of the project will be made through that website, using the “Send” button.
When you send a delivery is a must to include a definition of what you are delivering and the needed documents so the owner of the project APPROVE that delivery. Don’t forget that, in many cases, you will need to send an invoice.

11. If everything goes wrong and I have not come to an agreement with the owner of the project, which solution do I have?

At this point, if the problems have been tried to be solved by the user and the owner of the project, offers a Mediation System that allows that a third person, not related to the projec, to analyze all the documentation (specifications, deliveries, messages, complains…) that has been sent through the project development, with the purpose of solve the problem. This solution must be fulfilled by both parts.
For that reason, it’s really important that all the documentation and communication is being made in the platform