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Frequently Asked Questions | Clients

1. What is the Freelance service?

It’s a platform that allows to develop projects thanks to the community of registered freelances at With this platform, you will be able to:

Received the best proposals for your projects, in a safe and reliable environment;
Contact the best professionals (the platform matches you with the professionals that can develop your project in the best possible way);
Use an easy, safe and fast tool;
Payment guaranteed for the freelances, just after the project has been approved;
Hire qualified professionals in a cheap and fast way.

2. How to choose the Freelance Campuseros for a project?

When you create a project, you must indicate the kind of work is it about and which are the specific skills recommended for the execution of your project.
With that information, the platform selects, between all the users, the ones that fit better with your needs and sends them a notification to participate in this project. Once the notifications have been sent, you will received 5 proposals from our freelance campuseros at least.

3. How I can CREATE a freelance project?

To create a project, you need to create an account at and, after that, go to Home and choose CREATE>FREELANCE PROJECT. Then, fill out the form available.
The most detailed your form is, the most accurate will be the selection of professionals the platform will make and the most adapted to your needs will also be the proposals you will get from the freelances.
You can include attachments to this form (specifications, drafts…). You can also define some milestones to control the development of the project.

4. What is the purpose of the milestones?

The milestones are the goals of the projects turned into deadlines.
For instance, if you want a website, you can define some milestones such as:
Approve the website structure
Approve the design
Configuration of SEO and Analitycs
Final delivery of the website
The delivery of each of these milestones by the Freelance Campusero means that project is in progress and the platform will be paying the agreed part for the freelance.

5. How can I manage the development of a project?

Once you have chosen a professional to develop your project, that person will be able to communicate with you through, at the website of the project in development, sending messages.
Also, every delivery the professional has to make (doesn’t matter if it’s partial or total) will be made through the project in execution section.
Once the professional makes a delivery, you will be notified by a message and you should approve the delivery to move forward.
At this moment you will be able to:
ACCEPT: In this case, the professional will be paid the agreed amount.
ASK FOR ADJUSTMENTS: if you are not pleased with the delivery, you can ask the freelance to do some adjustments and the delivery should be made again.
TURN DOWN: if you are not pleased with the delivery and you have already asked for some corrections that haven’t been made, you can turn down the delivery.

6. If everything goes wrong and I can not come to a term with the Freelance campusero, which options do I have?

At this moment, after the problems have been tried to be solved by the freelance and the owner of the project, has a system of mediation that allows a third person, not related to the project, to analyze the documentation (especifications, deliveries, messages, complains...) that has been exchanged through the project development, with the purpose of solving the problem. This solution must be fulfilled by both parts.
Because of this, it’s really important that all the exchange of information and documentation must be made through the platform.

7. How much does the Freelance Campusero service cost?

Create a project doesn’t have any cost. You only have to pay the amount agreed for the budget of the project, after you have negotiated it with the freelance. The amount is retained in the platform until the project is developed and the delivery is made and approved by the client, as a guarantee of the safety of the freelance campusero and the owner of the project.

8. If I launch a project and I don’t hire any of the campuseros chosen by the platform, what happens with my money?

In case the project is not executed by any of the campuseros chosen by the platform, your money will be refunded to your Paypal account.

9. How can I start?

To start using the Freelance campusero platform, you need:
To create a profile at
To create a project as detailed as possible

More information

Payments uses the services of the number 1 in terms of online payment: Paypal, that has the best and safest technology. To operate in the system, is essential to have a Paypal account, to make possible making and receiving payments. The applied commission to the clients that launch projects, offers and purchase Premium accounts is a 3%of the transaction value + 0,40 per transaction, and it refers just to the cost of service of Paypal.

Safety and trust tries to be a fair business platform, in which either clients and campuseros are protected by the platform in the best possible way. To achieve that, we count with technologies and human resources that help our users and clients to make their operations with safety and efficiency.

Mediation service

The users have at their disposal a unique mediation system to solve the conflicts, that looks for the justice of the operations made. The purpose of this mechanism is to protect the interests of campuseros and clients and guarantee a fair business between the parts.